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Zoning Regulations & How to Understand New City Ordinances

This month, the South Side Builder’s Association (SSBA) invited Chicago law firm Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, to share with us the latest property ordinances and new incentives provided by the City of Chicago. The seminar was led by keynote speaker and Taft partner, Graham Grady, and supported by associate Braedon Lord.

As a partner at Taft, Grady helps clients obtain government entitlements and solve problems with units of local government. With a focus on the city of Chicago and Cook County, he helps secure necessary approvals for land developments in the Chicago metropolitan area. Graham provides legal counsel for compliance, regulatory, public policy and encompasses zoning, land use, building code compliance, licensing, construction agreements, government contracts, procurement and legislative approvals.

Shortly after our seminar, Lord participated as a panelist speaker at the 2023 American Planning Association Illinois Chapter (APA-IL) State Conference on Sept. 13. The panel “Zoning for the Cultural Wars” discussed what historical impact zoning and land use regulations have had on cultural diversity, social diversity, and socioeconomic opportunity and how they can be retooled in the future for good.

Taft’s Land Use and Zoning practice encompasses a broad scope of substantive areas that are at the nexus of the development process and government regulation.

Grady took charge of educating our group on the different types of zoning, ordinances & regulations and the requirements within. Simply by identifying the zoning in your neighborhood, and of your property, an owner or developer can better understand what is required of their parcel. Grady recommended reaching out to your neighbors, alderperson, block clubs, and any stakeholders in the community to better understand what might be encouraged or desired by the immediate area for your parcel.

By getting to know your community, you will get to know what the community needs.

Building Code Issues

At Taft, attorneys regularly assist clients in situations where violations of municipal building codes have been alleged. This work typically involves negotiation with municipal authorities, development of mitigation plans and agreements, and court appearances in lawsuits based upon alleged code violations. This aids clients who might propose renovation of older buildings throughout the permitting process.

Our monthly seminars are a vital source of education for our members of the south side community. With the aid of professionals such as Taft, who are advocates for developers and property owners, our community can continue such growth.

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