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Catalyst for Urban Regeneration: Woodlawn Central

This month, the South Side Builder’s Association (SSBA) invited JC Griffin, Vice President of Capital Markets & Asset Strategies for Transwestern Real Estate Services’ Midwest Capital Markets Group. This development is supported and sponsored by Dr. Byron Brazier, pastor of the Apostolic Church of God, as well as its official board, and community members. The 8-acre, $895M mixed-use megadevelopment is designed to be a catalyst for urban regeneration in Woodlawn on Chicago’s South Side. This was the first ever public seminar for Griffin and Transwestern to discuss the new mega development, Woodlawn Central. We are happy to hear what the progress of this project will be.

"An innovative approach to urban regeneration" -Woodlawn Central


Woodlawn Central is an equitable mixed-use urban district and a new gateway to the broader Woodlawn community on Chicago’s South Side. It is a catalyst for urban regeneration in Woodlawn and sets the stage for future neighborhood reinvestment. Set along 63rd Street and adjacent to 63rd Street Station, Woodlawn Central is a transit-oriented district walkable to numerous major civic amenities, including the Obama Presidential Center, Jackson Park, Lake Michigan, and the University of Chicago.

The total development will house 870 residential units, catering to workforce housing, market rate, luxury and senior housing. The commercial office and ground floor space span 215,000 Square feet and there are plans for a hotel which accommodates 154 guest rooms.

Since this development will change the landscape of the surrounding area, there are multiple positive outcomes for current residents. The Metra Station at 63rd Street will receive a new sheltered waiting area, ticketing, and heating/cooling systems combined. For arts and entertainment, a new performance venue will also be added, Black Box Theater. Extending 21,000 square feet, the venue will include a 200 seat theater as well as two smaller shoebox theaters for live shows and performances.

The development would need a microgrid to support the facility, therefore, plans for a 13,000 square foot church will be dedicated to the microgrid site. For sustainability, vertical greenhouses will be installed and available for public use.

“We want to integrate as much technology as possible. There will be electronic screens throughout the courtyard and plaza showcasing our legacy and culture. We will have a 4-season walkway integrated into the structure providing heated walkways for residents and guests during winter months.” -JC Griffin


Museum of Science & Industry - Nearly 1.4M guests visited the museum in 2019

University of Chicago - 7011 current undergraduate students

Obama Presidential Center - Estimated to generate more than 700,000 visitors annually

Jackson Park & South Shore Golf Course

South Shore Cultural Center

63rd Street Beach & Jackson Park Harbor


• Regional transit access and local connectivity improvements to add mobility for neighborhood residents and support South Side tourism

• Geographic-specific retail, dining, and entertainment amenities that provide unique year-round experiences

• Culture-specific neighborhood retail to cater to local resident necessities

• Enhanced green community spaces and improved connectivity to the Jackson Park campus

• A safe and secure environment for families to visit and enjoy

• Infrastructure that will support sustainable growth and advanced technological integration for future neighborhood development

“This is a way to have both culture & commerce working together. The community us our first & major priority. The community will have first access to housing as well as employment opportunities.” -JC Griffin

We look forward to this development and to the legacy the Braziers have laid down.

Woodlawn Central

To follow the progress of this development:

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This should be a great continuation to the growth of Woodlawn and the attractions that OPC will bring to the Southside of Chicago.

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