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This month, the South Side Builder’s Association (SSBA) invited Phillip Beckham, principle & investment partner at P3 Markets, to present the residential development in Bronzeville known as 43 Green. The plans for this development include a ten-story mixed use building, brand new apartments, an estimated half of which will total in affordable housing, and plenty of tenant amenities.

The name 43 Green corresponds to the Green Line CTA Station and 43rd street on which the development site resides. For multiple years this was a vacant piece of land, offering nothing to residents or commuters. Now, investment teams along with the city of Chicago are joining forces to spearhead this community development.

With direct access to the 43rd Street CTA Train Station and limited parking, the use of public transportation and other methods of transit such as bicycle are highly encouraged. Residents will have access to amenities such as an outdoor deck, ample storage spaces, office/flex space, fitness center and laundry.

“We want to keep our neighbors in our neighborhood. Our goal is to provide housing options and even opportunity for our residents” Phillip Beckham stated at the closing of his presentation.

Development Rendering by Thorsten Bösch

The P3 team has provided leadership for over 15 years to underserved communities. We align resources, incentives and intelligent partnership structures with investors and communities. These well-placed partnerships create jobs, affordable housing, and access to investment capital for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

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