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Working With Cook County Land Bank

This month, the South Side Builder’s Association (SSBA) invited Jessica Caffrey, Executive Director of the Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA), to discuss how the public can work with this organization throughout Chicago and in our southside communities.

A land bank is a public authority or non-profit created to efficiently acquire, hold, manage, develop and dispose of vacant and abandoned properties. The mission of the CCLBA is to reduce and return vacant land and abandoned buildings back into reliable and sustainable community assets. They can successfully identify abandoned properties through REO organizations and tax sales in order to deliver clear title.

The CCLBA is highly focused on geographic areas. They seek strategic acquisitions to move redevelopment cycles forward and repurpose property for future use all while collaborating with local agencies.

As of 4/3/2023, the CCLBA has catalogued 872 available properties.

To learn more about purchasing a property visit the CCLBA website:

Email for further information about

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Multiple Acquisitions

  • Community Plans

  • Property Inquiry


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