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Revolutionizing Urban Living: The Rise of Attainable Modular Housing in Chicago

This month, the Southside Builders Association welcomed guest speaker David Wallach, President & CEO of Wally Walls and XYiP Homes to discuss their development of high efficiency & attainable Tiny Homes in Evanston, IL.

Located at 1915-1917 Grant Street, this development will consist of twelve detached residences constructed as a pocket neighborhood. Each of the homes contain 600 SF, with living/dining/kitchen, 2 bedrooms, one full bathroom and an outdoor porch. There will be 15 on-site parking spots. The subject lot measures approximately 100’ wide and 290’ long.

Gallery of Build

Chicago, a vibrant metropolis renowned for its architectural marvels and cultural diversity, faces a pressing challenge: affordable housing options. As the city continues to grow, the demand for housing outpaces supply, leaving many residents struggling to find affordable and quality living spaces. In response to this pressing issue, a promising solution has emerged – attainable modular housing. This innovative approach by XYiP to urban living not only addresses the affordability crisis but also offers sustainable and customizable housing options.

At its core, attainable modular housing embodies the principles of efficiency, affordability, and flexibility. Unlike traditional construction methods, which often entail lengthy and costly processes, modular housing involves prefabricating individual modules in a factory setting before assembling them on-site. This streamlined approach not only reduces construction time but also minimizes waste and labor costs, making it a more economical alternative.

"More than 94% of all persons seeking to acquire a residence prefer a single family home. Yet, today, existing single family home options are out of the reach of most Americans."

- David Wallach

While the rise of attainable modular housing presents promising opportunities for Chicago, it is not without its challenges. Regulatory barriers, financing constraints, and public perception are among the obstacles that must be overcome to fully realize the potential of modular housing. However, with concerted efforts from policymakers, developers, and communities, these challenges can be addressed, paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable urban future.

As Chicago grapples with the complex issue of affordable housing, attainable modular housing emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a pragmatic and innovative solution to the city's housing challenges. By harnessing the power of modular construction, Chicago can create vibrant, diverse, and resilient communities where all residents have access to safe, affordable, and customizable housing options. As we look ahead, we encourage the transformative potential of attainable modular housing and build a brighter future for generations to come.

The Southside Builders Association is eagerly looking forward to this development as it is a trendsetter with potential to reshape more of our neighborhoods. If you would like more information on this development, please reach out to David Wallach; Information below.

David Wallach


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